Terrain Blog 03: Paint it Black

Today was the first Friday in my new Terrain-Fridays plan, and for some reason I couldn’t get the Rolling Stones song ‘Paint it Black‘ out of my head.  It might be that it’s their best song IMO, but more likely it’s because I spent several hours just painting black.  Over.  And over.  And then over again.

This week was an Infinity Table week, and I wanted to do something dramatic to show some immediate progress.  I decided to paint the big impressive building backdrop of the table.  I figured a couple layers of paint would give the look of a sudden and immediate jump forward in the process.  This, I hoped, would give myself and others reason to get excited about the project again.  Well I wasn’t able to finish the paint job exactly, because the first primer layer — of black – – took forever surprisingly.  There was so much surface area, and so many nooks and crannies, that it took much longer than I expected.  Even more surprising was that even though I wasn’t able to finish the paint job in its entirety it still accomplished its goal!  That simple, flat, finished layer of black made the back buildings look fantastic all of a sudden.  I guess it’s sort of like priming your minis, or even basing them.  It took it from a bunch of mismatched components all stuck together and turned them in to a solid mass.  It was no longer some wood, putty, foam-board, and detailing.  It was now a set of matching buildings.

I had many people come to me after last week’s article to express interest in coming in on Fridays to help out.  And while nobody dropped by today (which was probably a lucky thing since black paint isn’t the most glamorous), I am excited to see others join in and get their hands dirty.  It will be a great motivator for me to keep up the work, and it will give you a chance to learn a bit about terrain building!

Next week will be a non-Infinity week, and I promise it will be more interesting than black paint.  We will be working on a series of swamps for Chris F’s fundraiser perk.  He wanted some swampy marshes to give his gators a cozy home when he’s playing Hordes, and I intend to give them to him!  We will be working on a set of swamps, and will include many types of grasses and flocks, as well as some trees.  And we will of course be using some water effects as well.  Hope to see you there!


The mono-black buildings, in all their glory!!!

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