Terrain Blog 02: Let’s Try This Again

Several months ago I started a blog called ‘Summer of Terrain’.  In it I discussed grandiose plans to update and improve our store’s terrain selection.  I’ve always loved good terrain, and I have always making it too.  I’ve long wanted to have a stack of great, matching scenery in my shop.  Beautiful display boards, and plenty of variety were my goals.  I failed pretty spectacularly.  Now, months later, I am left with a New Year’s resolution to restart, and do it right this time.  But while I often have lofty goals, I can be flawed when it comes to sticking to them, so I am hoping to set up a series of parameters to ensure that THIS TIME I am able to carry through.

1.  ‘When I feel like it’ vs. ‘scheduled time’

A big chunk of the problem that I had the first time was that I decided to work on the terrain whenever I had a spare moment (and of course whenever I actually felt like doing so with that spare moment).  Being a store owner there is no end of little tasks to work on, and no shortage of fun distractions as well.  While it was easy to stay motivated early when there was fun and new stuff to work on, it was hard to stay so afterwards.  I plan on fixing this by instead dedicating a specific time each week to the building of terrain for the store.  Every Friday, from 1:00pm – 6:00pm I will be working on terrain, and I would love to have you join me!  If you have an interest about learning about terrain building, or just pitching in, show up any Friday during those hours and you are welcome to help.  This will have the added benefit of making me stick to the schedule as well.  If I can get a minimum of 5 hours of work done one the store terrain each week we will be in good shape.

2. Remaining Accountable

The hardest part about not carrying though with my original goals was that this isn’t my own personal army I’m working one.  It’s not my collection, or deck I’m working on here.  Many of my initial terrain projects were supposed to be the fulfillment of our fundraiser pledges.  Which means that I haven’t fulfilled my end of the bargain to many of our very best and loyal customers.  That cannot do.  I need to do a better job of remembering that, and push through to not only finish their projects, but do so at the quality they deserve.  To those that have waited so long without seeing their ideas completed – I apologize, and will redouble my efforts in the New Year.

3. The First Hurdle

Part of my problem was planning.  I began with the most ambitious project of all of them: Justin’s Infinity Table.  I grossly underestimated the amount of work that would go in to this behemoth.  It has been a very big task to say the least, and it is in part because of this long-term project that I think I fell off a bit.  There wasn’t enough moments of ‘Haha!  I finished!’ to keep the motivation up.  Had I started with some of the smaller tasks I likely would have finished many of them in the amount of time I have put into this one big task.  But it would be unfair to just drop his project to the bottom of the list too.  So I have decided to alternate weeks.  One week I will put towards the Infinity Table, the next I will put towards some of the smaller projects to get them completed too.

Well that’s the plan, and I need to your help to stick to it.  Show up on Fridays, and pitch in a bit.  Remind me and ask me how different projects are going.  Most importantly don’t let me off the hook!  Together we can turn this false start in to a game winner!  Now I’d better get off and get working – It’s Friday!

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