Knights of the Ream: Flames of War

FoW Knights of the Realm

We are kicking off a new season of our Knights of the Realm program, and are leading off with Flames of War!  Knights of the Realm is a full season of gaming events.  Each event acts as a stand-alone event, but the Knights of the Realm season links them together by awarding participants points.  At the end of the season the four participants with the most points will playoff for the championship!

Check out the Knights of the Realm page for the details on all of the events, leagues, and tournaments that will be included in the Knights of the Realm.

Linear Obstacle

FoW Firestorm Caen

We will be recreating the Caen campaign on Saturday, December 28th in our Firestorm Caen event.

The event will last all day, from 10:00am – 7:00pm, and will be four rounds.  The event will be the first in our Knights of the Realm season.

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