WMH: Wreck the Halls

WMH Wreck the Halls


A Warmachine and Hordes event with a festive twist!  This Sunday, come out and do some gaming with us.  Press Gangers Mr. Golden Deal (Matt) and Timtheenchanter (Tim) invite you to bring a wrapped Warmachine gift with a minimum value of $10.  We’ll play some games using a fun and silly format and at the end players, from last place to first place, will pick a gift or steal from someone who already has one.

WhenSunday, December 15,  12 – 5pm

Entry Fee:  Your wrapped gift is your entry fee.  If you want, it can even be a painted model!

Format: 35 points, mangled metal/tooth and claw (all beasts/warjacks), two warcasters.  Each caster has her own battlegroup, so make sure you assign them in your lists.

PrizesYou’ll walk away with one of the gifts valued at at least $10.  If you do well in the event, you’ll get to steal the best one!

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