Blood Bowl Exhibition League

Blood Bowl Exhibition League

The Leagues coming to an end, players head home to return to their normal lives, coaches are left panhandling for copper. Living the life of a blood bowl coach or player is a tough life.

Bod Biffered: “Bob Biffered here from the head office of the BKBBL, we have reports that Commissioner Awesome is about to call a special press conference.’

Commissioner Awesome:  “In a few weeks the BKBBL will have crowned a champion, lets hope it’s not WWF or the Hurdlers. But when this happens we are all out of work or back to our boring lives. I have come up with a solution for this… Hammer Bowl Season 4 Exhibition!”

BB: “Commissioner Awesome will you explain what this new league is?”

CA: “Sure Bob, The exhibition league will be there to allow coaches the chance to coach new teams or continue coaching their existing team. They will be able to continue playing games between seasons.”

BB: “Surely they won’t continue gaining experience for this?”

CA: “Why not Bob? Of course they will, this is an opportunity for the league to expand, new teams will get a chance to build up before they come into the Hammer Bowl and play the legends that currently make our league the best!”

BB: “I still don’t understand how this works.”

CA: “That’s because your an idiot, Each team will play an open league format, coaches are required to arrange their own matches, on the Black Knight Games Forums or in person.  They will only be able to play each coach once per week.  They can even manage multiple teams to try out different strategies!”

BB: “When does this league start, and is their a required fee to enter?”

CA: “We kick off November 11, 2013 and will end January 11th, 2014. that is 9 weeks for players to play games. there is a small maintenance fee for entry, in order to upkeep our fields. To start this league it will cost coaches $5.00, or $4.00 for Stronghold Members.

BB: “Will this replace the Rookie Tournament?”

CA: “NO!”

BB: “Anything else?”

CA: “Every coach is required to have their new teams submitted to the league by November 10,2013. You can leave your rosters at the store or email me your team, you will have 1,000,000 Gold to purchase your teams re-rolls, players, Fan Factor, Cheerleaders, Assistant Coaches and Apothecaries will all be purchased using this budget. All players are required to be named, as well you will have to have a team name set. There is an official sign up sheet at the store.  Remember, you may use any team registered in the BKBBL, and my use multiple teams”

If you have any questions or would like to email your roster to me please

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