Red Card Meeting

Red Card Meeting

This Sunday, November 10th, will be our first Red Card Meeting.  Red Card Meetings will become a regular thing quarterly (every three months or so).  At Red Card Meetings Jay will meet with our Red Card Members to discuss everything that is going on at the shop.  We will touch on everything from store programs, product lines, future plans, issues that we are dealing with, the structure of our events – everything!  This will give us a great opportunity to fill in some of our most valued customers, and give them a chance for direct feedback.  We will also welcome many of our Standard Bearers to sit in and to hear what our Red Card Members have to say and to discuss ideas and plans for their game system.

We will have coffee and donuts too, so if you are a Red Card Member please be sure to attend!  And if you’d like to attend, but aren’t a Red Card Member, there is still time to register as one!!

When: Sunday, November 10th, 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Open to: Red Card Members, and Standard Bearers only

Bring: Yourselves and any questions or ideas you’d like to discuss

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