MTG: Grand Prix Trial Toronto

Grand Prix Toronto is coming up fast, and Black Knight Games will be hosting a trial for the event.  Grand Prix Trials (GPT) are an opportunity to prepare for one of the most exciting style of events in Magic the Gathering—the Grand Prix.  Attending a GPT does more for you than offer an opportunity to practice, of course.  It also offers an opportunity to earn BYEs at the Grand Prix.  BYEs are free wins in early rounds of the event that make qualifying for the second day much easier.  Feel like earning the opportunity to start your day in Toronto off with a couple of free wins?  Come and and compete for that right!

Entry Fee:  $36 (or $30 for stronghold members)

When:  Saturday, November 16th.  11am – 7pm

Format:  Sealed deck.  We will cut to top 8 to determine final standings, and top 8 will playoff using the same sealed decks.  We will be using deck registration lists, pool swaps, and deck checks.

How it works:  Show up and create a minimum 40 card deck using six packs of Theros (provided).   We will have a judge on site to answer questions and issue event rulings.  This event will be run at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level.

Prizes All participants get a BKG Hero’s Reward promo card, and additional prizes will be based on attendance.  Assuming a 32 person attendance, we’ll offer 1st place two byes at GP Toronto and $150 in store credit2nd place $100 in store credit3rd place $50 in store credit, and 4th place will receive $25.  If more than 32 players attend, we’ll offer one random attendee a free From the Vault 20.

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