Special Order: BLOOD BOWL! *Order by Friday*

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl has taken over at Black Knight Games – that’s not new information.  But, what will be new is a whole range of Blood Bowl miniatures that we are planning on bringing in from a variety of sources!  Because Games Workshop doesn’t really support the game very much anymore most Blood Bowl players get their minis from several smaller companies out there.  Because most of these companies have a bunch of niche teams, star players, and other minis you can choose from we will be doing our best to provide our players from a wide variety of selection.  That being said, if there is anything you would like from any of these companies, now would be an ideal time to piggy back our order and get yourself that cool Star Player you’ve always wanted.

So, if you would like anything from the following companies please get your order in to us by Friday!  These are small companies that don’t all use the standard distribution channels, so you can’t usually order them through us – and even once we get the ranges in orders won’t be as frequent as most of our ranges.  So don’t miss this opportunity to fill up your roster or get that new team for next season!

Willy MiniaturesWilly Miniatures

These guys make some of the best Blood Bowl minis in the industry.  They don’t have all the teams available, but if you want one of the undead teams, or Chaos you are in luck!  They also have a stack of good big guys and star players.


ImpactImpact Miniatures

Probably the biggest makers of Fantasy Football minis out there.  While the minis can be a bit hit or miss, Impact makes loads of different teams in dozens of different configurations.  They also have a huge variety of Blood Bowl accessories, like dugouts, dice, templates, tokens etc.


Meiko Miniatures

Makers a a very good variety of teams, most of which are really nice.  Meiko is a smaller company, but the quality is there.  They also do some of the more obscure teams like Ogres and Nurgle Rotters.


Mano Di Porco

Mano Di Porco

Another smaller company that has great minis.  Mano Di Porco makes one of the only great looking Slaan teams.  They also make nice Chaos and Norse teams.  One thing that you can get with them as well is a huge variety of fun and unique footballs!


Greebo Games

Greebo has a very large selection, and it’s all beautiful.  Greebo teams tend to be a bit more expensive than some of the others, but they can definitely be worth it.  We’re still negotiating with Greebo, so it’s not a lock that these will actually be available through us, but if you are interested put in an order – if it doesn’t work out we’ll give you a refund!


So if you are looking to add to your team, or start a brand new one – now is the best time to get your orders in!  Be sure to place them by Friday at 2:00pm if you want to get in on the order.

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