WMH Chrome Gauntlet: November 2nd

WMH Chrome Gauntlet

This November, Press Ganger Matt Clark has thrown down the Gauntlet to all of you Warmachine and Hordes players–and it’s Chrome.  In our tradition of preparing our players for big convention formats, we’re hosting an event in the style of the Iron Gauntlet, announced earlier this year and featured for the first time at Lock and Load.

When:  November 2nd.  Registration begins at 10:30am, and the event will begin promptly at 11am.  Expect the event to run until 7pm.

Format:  This is a two-lists format, and each must be played at least once.  Also, lists may be from different factions.  Games are played at 50 points, and each player may include 10 points of specialists.  Details about the format and it’s specific restrictions and play are listed here and below.  Noteable exception: fully painted lists are not required for this event.  

ScenariosAs detailed in the packet (linked here and below) there are only six scenarios for Iron Gauntlet.  Feel free to familiarize yourself with them.

Specialists:  Specialists are like a sideboard for your list.  Each list has it’s own specialists.  After lists are chosen, both players simultaneously reveal which models will be exchanged in a list.  Point totals must remain the same, tiers my not be broken, tier levels may not change, and only models with distinct cards may be exchanged.  (Example: you may add a solo or a UA to a list, but may not increase a unit from min to max using specialists).

Entry Fee: $20 per player ($16 for stronghold members).  Cost of entry includes pizza lunch, two pop, and a day of fun.

Prize Structure:  All undefeated players will receive an even share of winnings at the end of the day, and a custom trophy to take home (designed by Matt Clark!).  In the spirit of the event, these trophies will be unpainted.  We will also be giving out a handful of semi-random round prizes, as well as a few raffles for being fully painted.  Event organizers will also select an Iron Sportsmen, from players exhibiting the highest level of sportsmanship in the game, to receive free entry to our next event.  


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