Dropzone Commander: Incident at Vandia Minor

DZC Incident at Vandia Minor

The Vanadia system lies at the very border of the Scourge held Cradle Worlds and the scattered planets that make up the United Colonies of Mankind. It contains only two planets. Vanadia Major, a giant mass of rock with little atmosphere to speak of that is both rich in mineral wealth and wholly inhospitable to humans for any length of time. And Vanadia Minor, an tiny, arid desert world that barely deserves the label hospitable, but which supported the small mining colony that regularly shipped workers out to Vanadia Major to harvest it resources.

When the Scourge took Earth and the Cradle worlds from humanity, the Vanadia system was too far and too small for the Scourge to worry about, and the fledgling UCM thought Vanadia too close to the Scourge and abandoned it shortly thereafter. 160 years later, as the UCM prepares for the Reconquest, Vanadia Minor has now come under notice. Intent on using it as a jump-off for the retaking of the Cradle Worlds, a UCM force was dispatched to build a supply depot and way-station. What they found when they arrived, however, was a meeting on the surface of Vanadia Minor between the alien Shaltari and the despised altered humans of the Post Human Republic. Whatever the original intent of the clandestine rendezvous had been, relations seemed to have soured, because as soon as the UCM showed up, both the Shaltari and the PHR seemed to suspect treachery on the part of the other, and open conflict broke out amidst all three. As UCM made planetfall to secure the spaceport, the Scourge dropped out of Foldspace and began and immediate attack on all three. It would seem that the Scourge at some point had converted the abandoned colony of Vanadia Minor into an observation post, and upon seeing the arrival of the PHR and the Shaltari earlier, had dispatched a force to intercept.

And so, all 4 military powers have been thrust into a fierce battle for a planet that no one ever cared about.

When: Sunday, October 6th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Details: This event will be a multi-player game using the Land Grab mission from the DropZone Commander rulebook. The game will be sized to meet the number of people who show up to play. If enough people show up, we will have multiple adjacent games.

Do you have miniatures but haven’t played? No problem! This event is intended to allow people to learn the rules if they haven’t had the chance to play and to hopefully introduce as many of the players out there to each other as we can.

No miniatures but still interested? No Problem! I will have my Scourge collection as well as some additional UCM miniatures to share with anyone who wants to try out the game. Or you can proxy if you don’t have the miniatures yet. Flames of War or Dystopian Wars can be readily proxied.

If you have any questions you can send me a forum PM or email me at: sbsteve@blackknightgames.ca

Hope to see you there!

Steve ‘Havoc’ McArthur
Standard Bearer for Dropzone Commander

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