WMH Machinations: Equilibrium

Warmachine players, it’s time for another league at Black Knight Games!  This time, all secrets will be revealed.

The time has come to restore balance to western Immoren and put an end to the ceaseless anomalies plaguing the land.  The machinations of the Convergence of Cyriss and those of their hated enemy the cephalyx must be stopped.

Gather your army and face your foes at the secret battlegrounds of these two enigmatic forces.  The final fight is now.  Purge the land of this madness!

This season’s Vault, Star Chart, and Fiction will be available soon.  For now, here are the rules and here are the specialty season models.  Plus, here are all the details about the league:

When: Thursdays evenings beginning September 12th, 5:30pm – 9:00pm.  The league will end on Thursday, October 10th.  While thursdays are set aside for Warmachine gaming, you may play and report a league match on any night.

Entry Fee: FREE!  To receive a badge, you must play on a minimum of two nights.

Bring: Your Warmachine army, of at least 15 points, but up to 150 points!

Matt and Tim will be tracking this league as well, using a similar Google Document process as before.  Score sheets will be available at the store.  Pick one up, play your game, fill it out, and leave it for us to track your games.

Also, a reminder.  This weekend is our Warmachine Doubles Team Tournament.  If you’re attending, awesome!  Please aim to show up for 10:30 to give time for registration.  If you don’t know anything about it, please check it out here.  We’d love to have you come out!

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