Warmachine Summer RAMPAGE!

WMH Summer Rampage 2013

When: Sunday, August 25th from 12:00 – 5:00pm

Game Size: 35 or more point games with Fight Club restrictions (for every 10 points of beasts/jacks in an army that army may include 5 points of units/solos).

Entry Fee: $10 per person ($8 for Stronghold Members).

Prizes: The Dominator (1st overall) will receive the largest store credit prize and a small prize from Matt (our Press Ganger).  The Beast Handler (best overall in hordes who didn’t win the Dominator) and Arcane Mechanic (best overall in Warmachine who didn’t win the Dominator) will each win some credit and a sur-prize from Matt.  Finally, an Artisan and Rampager award will be given out to the best painted army, and the first player to complete all five Rampages.

More details about the style of event can be found here.

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