Magic Celebration: Play For Free!

MTG Celebration

The amazing annual event that is Magic Celebration is coming soon!  What makes Magic Celebration so great?  It’s a FREE event where the participants earn free boosters!  Check out the details for this year’s Magic Celebration and mark it on your calendar!

When: Saturday, September 7th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: Nope!  Magic Celebration is a FREE Event!

What You Get: You build a deck from one FREE M14 Booster Pack combined with your choice of FREE M14 Sample Deck.  You also get an achievement card to fill out.  Play best-of-three pick up games against others to fulfill your achievement card.  Once it is complete you will earn another FREE Booster Pack!

What could be better than a free event, where you get free stuff and are rewarded with more free stuff as a prize???  Reserve your place today!

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