WFB: League starts Aug 14, Tournament Aug 17

WFB Unnatural Epidemic

Little is known of the strange plague crossing the land, killing peasant and king alike.  What is known is this: nothing about the plague is natural, and it must be stopped.

Welcome heroes of Warhammer Fantasy to a Black Knight Games weekly league of storied proportions.  Set to the narrative backdrop of a quest to stop (or aid?) the notorious Plague Priest Pestilitas, players will meet and game on Wednesday Nights, between August 14th and October 16th.  A leaderboard will be kept and updated by your every-helpful Standard Bearer Luke, who will be communicating with players primarily via the BKG Forums.

When: Each Wednesday night, starting August 14th and continuing until October 16th.  While it isn’t required you make it out every night, the fullest experience of story and

Game Size: 1500 point games for the first five weeks.  Weeks 6 – 10 will be played at 2000 points.  Be prepared to grow!

Entry Fee: FREE!  This is a league that’s all about giving Fantasy players a chance to come out and play some games.  Whether your fresh out of a Call to Arms, dusting off a force you haven’t played for ages, or a regular attendee of our tournaments, this league is for you.


Man is this a cool time to be a Warhammer Fantasy player!  On top of a really top-notch league coming up, we have a tournament scheduled for August 17th.  You’ve likely already seen it mentioned in last month’s calendar or on our events page, but here are the down-and-dirty-details:

When: Sat, August 17th, 11am – 7:00pm.  We will be having four rounds.

Game Size: Games will be played with 1500 point lists.  Bring a copy of your list for reference.

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16 for Stronghold Members) per person, which includes two pop and pizza lunch.

Prizes:  Store credit will be given out to the Best General, Best Overall, Best Sport, and Best Painted.  Credit amounts will be based upon attendance.

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