Black Knight Games is Hiring!

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We are looking to fill two different positions at Black Knight Games.  One is a part-time sales employee, and the other is a squire to help out with odd jobs each week.  So if you are interested in joining the BKG team please submit an application in person or by email to  Here are the details:

Position: Part-Time Sales Staff

Availability: We are looking to fill between 16-35 hours per week.  Applicants should be flexible with their availability and be able to work Saturdays.

Other Details:  We are looking for someone able to start very soon so if you are interested please apply soon.  Members of the BKG sales team should be comfortable talking to customers, have interest in running events, and of course love games!  Please include a short cover letter with your resume explaining why you would like to work at Black Knight Games, why you think you would be good at it and describing yourself as a gamer.


Position: Squire

Availability: We are looking for someone able to help out for about 12-15 hours per week over several days – especially weekday evenings.

Other Details:  Black Knight Games Squires are not official employees of BKG, but are instead volunteers that help us out with odd jobs like cleaning, sorting product, making terrain, and watching the front counter.  Squires earn store credit for their help, and also gain firsthand knowledge of how we operate at BKG – which is valuable for future positions at the shop.

So, if you think that you would be an asset to us as either part of the Sales Staff, or a Squire then please let us know today!

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