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The Flames of War League is wrapping up and we are finishing it off with a tournament!  The Tournament is open to anyone, but those that participated in the league will get a chance for additional points.  The tournament is free, but there are medals for the winners.

Sat, Aug 10 FoW Tournament 1500pts FREE 3 Rounds. Participants from the FoW League gain points to their final score. 11am – 7pm

This league has been the most successful Flames of War event we’ve ever had at Black Knight Games.  And Fred, our FoW Standard Bearer, is capitalizing on Flames of War’s current popularity by jumping right in to another series of leagues and tournaments!  Here is a Preview:

Have You ever wondered what it would be like if you could roll for Tiger Ace Skills, like the Germans do?

NOW you can!

In Tank Aces 2013 you will earn experience points which you can spend on Tank Ace skills.

Battle through the French countryside and by destroying your enemy or even by just surviving your Ace will become stronger and more lethal!

Come and join the Tank Ace 2013 league and become the top Ace, if you dare!

Tank Ace 2013 starts September 14th and concludes  November 17th.

Watch the BK forum and website for upcoming details!

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