WMH: The Dawn Before the Con

Later this month ConBravo is coming to town.  Bravo is a convention that’s always been popular with anime goers, video gamers, and computer fans, but this year they’re playing host to the Syndicate folks who are running a Warmachine: Hardcore Tournament, Privateer Press sponsored.

And we aren’t going to let our players attend unprepared!  Come out to our first tournament in July and smash some metal against some monsters.  If you’re a new Warmahorde player or an old one, the fast timed-turns and ease of playing only one list make Hardcore a great format.  And Black Knight Games is going to send our top two players to the Hardcore event at the Con.  All you have to do is prove your worth!

Naturally, you’ll be proving that by beating your fellows at a BKG tournament on July 6th.  Hardcore events usually require fully painted lists, and ConBravo will be no exception, but on July 6th at BKG you’ll be able to try out the list you plan to play, even unpainted.  Alright folks, here are the details:

When: Sat, July 6th, 11:00am – 7:00pm.  We will be going four rounds and using timed turns and the Hardcore packet scenario.

Game Size: Games will be played with 35 points.  This is a single list event!

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16 for Stronghold Members) per person, which includes two pop and pizza lunch.

Prizes: We’ll be handing out some cool round prizes, as well as store credit for Vanquisher (first overall), Mage Hunter (fewest models destroyed), and Executioner (most points destroyed).  Beyond that, first and second place players get tickets to the Showdown in Hammertown hardcore event at ConBravo later this month (July 27th).  See their website for details about this event!

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