Call to Arms: Warhammer 2013

WFB Call to Arms 2013

The dust has settled, and the new store is open.  Now that we’re done building a new store we can re-focus on the important stuff – our hobbies!  It’s time for Call to Arms: Warhammer 2013!  For those unfamiliar with ‘Call to Arms’ it is an army building league that we run for different game systems.  It gives you a great excuse to try and get that army finished, as well as the motivation to actually do it!  We have recently changed up how we run Call to Arms, but the basics are still the same: Get stuff at a good deal, paint that stuff, play some games, and get a reward for finishing.

sm BK Painting MiniWhen: Call to Arms: Warhammer 2013 begins now, so sign up right away!

Deadline: Sunday, August 11th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $150.00

You Get: $170.00 worth of miniatures for the army.  You can put this credit towards anything that helps you get the army finished, including paint, tools, flock, etc.  Just by signing up you get a deal!

Victory Conditions: It is the goal of all participants to complete a 1500 point Warhammer army from scratch.  If the army is completed by the deadline they will be eligible for a cut of the Victory Pool prize!  Participants must also attend a minimum of two Call to Arms Events during that time.  There will be at least one Call to Arms event each week.

Victory Pool: Black Knight Games will put $20 per participant in to a Victory Pool.  This pool will be split among the participants that complete the victory conditions by the deadline.

Armies:  Armies must be a legal 1500 point Warhammer army.  The miniatures used for the army may be new (either from your entry fee start-up, or bought separately) or they may be miniatures you already have.  If you wish to use miniatures you already owned before the Call to Arms began you must show the BKG staff that they are not yet painted (either in person or send us a picture).

Call to Arms Events: Each week we will run Call to Arms events (often on Sunday, but not always).  These will be a mix of things from painting-groups, to gaming, to special scenarios.  Each participant must attend at least two Call to Arms events before the deadline to satisfy the victory conditions.  The Call to Arms events will give you a great opportunity to meet, play, and paint with other gamers at BKG that are working on Warhammer armies too.  Together we will motivate each other to get these armies done!


Event 1: Fresh Brushes

When: Sunday, June 16th, 12:00 – 5:00pm

Open to: All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details: Join Jay in a painting and assembling get-together.  No gaming, just us working on our armies.  Bring minis to assemble and/or paint.  We can chat about plans for the armies, give each other pointers and tips, and taunt each other’s abilities to finish by the deadline.  Painting and assembling is always more fun in a group!

Events 2-5 Linked Here

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