Warmachine & Hordes: New League Starts this Week


With the timing of our move, we were forced to postpone the next phase of the dark, sinisterly secretive Privateer Press sponsored league: Machinations.  Postpone, dear Warmachine and Hordes players, but not neglect!  Anomaly is the second season of this years league series.  Check out all the special rules for models and secrets here (don’t worry, we’ll wait).

Rules for this league are similar to previous rules.  Special league models may be used.  Games may be played throughout the week, as much as you like, but never against the same person twice in a row.

Each game recorded is played at a specific location, which the player with fewer league points may choose.  Each of these locations have special rules and may change the game play.  Every time you win at a specific location it will score a result for your faction at that location, tracked by a global leaderboard.

Players participating in this season of the league will receive participation badges if they play at least three games.  The highest total score between games played and hobby points from painting wins achampionship badge.

League games are a ton of fun.  Black Knight Games sets aside Thursday Nights for warmachine/hordes play and league games will be easiest to get involved in on those nights.  If you’re not available for Thursdays on a regular basis, cames can be played any other day, at any time the store is open while the league is running.

A few notes:  Because we’re running this league a little late, points accrued in matches will not contribute to the global leaderboard or unlocking the vault (already unlocked).  However, it is a great opportunity to come out, learn the game, have a blast, and meet some friendly faces.

Cyriss 2014

Speaking of friendly faces, Black Knight Games is now the home store for two very enthusiastic Press Gangers.  Both Matt and I (Tim) are very excited to be supporting the store in an official capacity.  As official Privateer Press representatives of the game, Matt and I can be called upon to help with rules questions, run demos for new players (or players feeling a little rusty), and will be helping to run the tournaments and leagues at BKG.  Most of you already know me, but if you haven’t met Matt he’s an amazing player and a super fun guy to have a game with.  He’s fresh from Lock and Load and will be busting out some Convergence of Cyriss for our league this season, so beat him at his own game before he figures out how the faction works!


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