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We are now open for business in the new location, so be sure to come check it out!  The new store features plenty of improvements over the old store, and we really think you will like them.  The store layout itself is quite different, with the store space surrounding our new Stronghold Game Lounge.  We have a three gaming areas, a lounge where you can relax and even play X-Box or Foosball, a bar where you can sit and chat with staff, a food-prep area, and much nicer bathrooms.

Last night we had our Founder’s Party and it was a huge success.  About 60 people enjoyed food, gaming, and touring the new store.  The new space really worked well as all the areas of the store ended up being used, from the gaming area, the lounge, and bar area, to the Keep game room and store – it definitely felt right.


We still have plenty to do in the immediate future, so our work is far from over.  There are some finishing touches we need to add, and a bunch of organizing to do, but it’s looking good so far.

We will also be implementing several other new adjustments and changes over the next month or so now that we are in the new space.

For those that contributed to our Fundraiser we will be looking at the surveys over the next week or so and organizing all of your rewards, from updating membership statuses to ordering T-Shirts and other goodies.  If you have not yet filled out your survey (and there are a handful of you that haven’t yet) please do so as soon as possible, link HERE.

photo 3Game Share Program
We will be starting up the Game Share program that we have been talking about for the past several months.  Game Share will allow members to borrow games right off the wall (even sealed games!), take them home and try them.  The charge for one use of Game Share is $5.00, however if you loved the game you’ll have the option to buy it minus the $5 you already spent.  This program will give you the chance to try the many great games we offer and find the ones that are right for you.  As a consequence of the program we will begin selling used copies of board games as well as acquiring used copies – so if you have some games you never play you’ll be able to trade them in and put them towards a game you will play!  More details will be released when we start this program, so stay tuned for that.

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After-Hours Veterans Nights
The final stretch goal of our fundraiser was achieved on the last night of the campaign, and as a result we are committed to doing everything we can to acquire a liquor license for Black Knight Games.  We have begun this expensive and complicated process.  Hopefully everything goes well!  If we are successful we will run After-Hours Veteran’s Nights on Friday & Saturday nights after normal store hours are over (9:00pm-12:00am).  These hours will be open only to members that are of age (19+), and during these times we will serve bottled beers and coolers.  Even if we are not successful we may end up running gaming for mature gamers only during these times as the idea has been very popular.  This will not affect our usual gaming times for all ages.

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More Food & Drink Options
We have already added a Kuerig coffee machine, along with a great selection of warm drinks to go along with it, and we will be attempting the liquor license as we mentioned.  We will also begin serving microwavable meals like pizzas, burritos, pastas, rice & chicken, Jamaican patties, etc. as soon as we are cleared by the health inspector.  By the time we’re done you should have a lot more options when it comes to food & drink at Black Knight Games

photo 3 (1)Better Terrain & Premium Tables
We have a much bigger gaming area, but our terrain is still the old, dinged up stuff from the old shop.  We have been calling the next few months ‘The Summer of Terrain’ as we will be using it to seriously upgrade our terrain and tables.  Every week we will be scheduling staff to work on the new premium tables, regular tables, and terrain.  We will begin with the items that we owe to our Landscaper and Builder perk levels contributors, then continue on until all of the terrain we have is of a high quality.  We want our wargamers to be excited by all the great new options.

photo 4Lastly, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that helped us move, that contributed to our fundraiser, and that otherwise made this all possible.  We had so many great volunteers that pitched in to keep us to the two-day close, and if it wasn’t for them we’d never be open by now – in fact I would likely by sobbing in a corner at this point.  So to everyone that made this happen, and you know who you are – you ate my pizza afterall – thank you so much.

When we opened I did my best to put together a great store, but with limited knowledge of the business, limited start-up capitol, and other limitations it was never quite how I had always dreamed and I would often imagine ‘what if we only had more space and a chance to do it over?’  Well we got that chance and it’s all thanks to you the loyal Black Knight gamer.  Thank you for all of your support over the past six (!) years, you have made my dream come true and have given us every opportunity.  I really hope you enjoy the new store as much as I do!

~The Black Knight


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