WMH: Rite of Passage 50 pt Tournament, June 8th

WMH Rite of Passage

When: Sat, June 8th, 11:00am – 7:00pm.  We will be going four rounds and using Deathclock timing and Steamroller 2013 scenarios.

Game Size: Games will be played with 50 point and must include two, character restricted lists.  This is a divide-and-conquer format, so each list must be played twice during the four round event.

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16 for Stronghold Members) per person, which includes two pop and pizza lunch.  (If you’re not currently a Stronghold Member, consider checking out our campaign)

Prizes: Here’s where things get exciting.  The Syndicate of Gaming have all been regular attendees of BKG events since before there was a Syndicate.  These guys have all generously donated first prize for the event:

Perk - General

The General,  a perk offered as part of our Indiegogo campaign, will be awarded to the first place overall winner.  This prize includes a year’s membership to the Stronghold Game Lounge, your name on the founders wall (etched for all to see in this amazing new space), a limited edition T-Shirt, a full 12-pack set of custom BKG dice, and…

One free wargaming tournament each month at BKG for a whole year!

That’s right, first prize at this event is a year’s worth of admission to Black Knight Games events, a prize pack worth $225, generously donated by those guys at the Syndicate of Gaming.  If that’s not a reason to make the trip and play some Warmachine, what possibly could be?

Well, just in case you don’t think you can clinch first prize, BKG is still supporting the event with store credit prizes for 2nd place, 3rd place, best painted, and best sportsman.  Amazing prize support for a cool warmachine tournament?  Time to set up the carpool.

“But aren’t the Syndicate members such great gamers that they’ll just come and win first prize themselves?” you may ask.  Not this time!  While those guys are coming out to throw some dice and have a ton of fun, if any of them happen to qualify for The General he’ll pass that prize along to the next guy.  Nice gesture from some cool dudes, right?


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