Fundraiser Update: New Perk Level Added

sm BK Painting MiniWe have had a very generous donation to our campaign by Kaz our resident painting expert! Kaz is a very friendly and helpful member of the Black Knight Games community, and as anyone that has seen his work can attest: he is a great painter. Kaz has generously offered his services to two lucky perk-claimers, so we have added a new perk to the list!

A Work of Art
This new package includes everything from THE KNIGHT – which means you get the $25 Membership (or $25 towards any membership you want). You get the limited edition Stronghold Game Lounge T-Shirt, and the 12 pack of BKG D6s. You get your name on the Founder’s Wall, and a neat icon on our forum telling everyone that you are a founder. You get 2 tickets to our exclusive Founder’s Party that we will have the evening before we open the new location.

But the best part is the part Kaz has donated. You can pick any miniature that you want to have painted as long as it isn’t too large (roughly the size of infantry or a light warjack is about right). BKG will supply the miniature for you – to a maximum of $30 (If the miniature is more than that, or you wish yo supply your own mini let us know and we’ll work something out). Then Kaz will take his talents and do a very high-end paint job to your specifications! Not everyone is an amazing artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own some amazing art! Kaz has done plenty of commissions in the past and he knows what he’s doing – you won’t be disappointed.

Because he does this in his spare time, and because he really takes his time to do it right, the first one claimed will have a finished target date of July 31st, and the second will be August 31st.

If you’ve already made a claim on a different perk, but you prefer this one now just let us know and we can make the switch for you!

Don’t miss this opportunity to own an amazingly painted mini! And a big thanks goes to Kaz for offering his services to help out our project!

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