Fundraiser Update: Another Goal Hit!

indiegogoTotal Funds Raised: $5065.00

That means that we have shattered the $5000 Stretch Goal! Your help has earned us all an X-Box game console (complete with 4 controllers and a stack of games, and probably we’ll get headphones too) to play in the lounge area! We will also be adding a Foosball Table to the space. Both will be free to play and should add some fun ways to kill time while you wait for an opponent!

The next goal will be huge. At $7500 we will get started on the renovations that will give us an extra gaming space that will be known as ‘The Keep’. The Keep will be a smaller, private gaming area. It will have enough room for two tables and will add a ton of versatility to the store. It will be great for running private gaming events, like birthday parties. It will be great forRPG sessions. It will add an extra 2 tables for major events. It will be great for smaller events allowing us to run a small event at the same time as a major one. Basically it’s going to be sweet, and at $7500 you will have helped us get there!

So then we come to it. The big reveal. The Stretch Goal that so many have wanted. At $10,000 we will pursue a liquor license. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be successful, however we will make the application, get the proper inspections, and go through the application process. If we are granted the license we will be able to run Age Restricted, ‘After Hours Veterans Nights’.

Goal 4 Reached


BugmanIf we are lucky enough to surpass our $7500 goal (which will give us a private game room) and we actually reach our $10,000 Stretch Goal we will begin the application process for a liquor license.

If one is granted we will begin running ‘After Hours Veteran’s Nights,’ starting with two of these each week – one on Friday, and one on Saturday. Both will begin at 9pm when the store’s regular hours are done. Once the After Hours Veteran’s Night begins only of-age (19+) members (or guests of members, or those with day-passes) will be permitted to remain. We will serve bottled alcoholic beverages along with our usual menu (which already included snacks, pop, and water – but now will include hot drinks and warm meals thanks to unlocked Stretch Goals). The alcoholic beverages will include beer as well as some cooler-type drinks, and we will do our best to keep the prices reasonable. There will be staff on hand, all of whom will be Smart Serve certified.

On Friday night (after the FNM) we will run a ‘Drinking and Drafting’ event for Magic: the Gathering, but you are welcome to play other games as well. On Saturday we will target wargames mostly – but once again you’re welcome to play other games.

Our goal is to find a nice balance between keeping our family-friendly game store mentality, while still allowing mature and responsible gamers the opportunity to have a drink with the guys while playing some fun games. We want to do our best to give you that comfortable, at-home feel in a safe and professional way. We believe that our plan will allow both. When not running these After Hours Veteran’s Nights there will be no alcohol served, nor will it be obvious that we do so at other times. We are keeping the concerns of parents in mind throughout the planning of this.

Feel free to ask staff more about our plans for our After Hours Veteran’s Nights, and we will do our best to alleviate any concerns and listen to any suggestions!

And if you want to check out the campaign or even contribute you can find it HERE.

Thank you all so much for all your help so far!

~The Black Knight

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