Fundraiser Update: Stretch Goal Hit!

indiegogoTotal Funds Raised: $4505.00

We have unlocked the $4000 Stretch Goal! Now we will begin to offer some quick and easy microwavable meals, and maybe even some other food options as well. You’ve also earned us all a stack of cafeteria trays which can be used for meals as well as for carting around your armies on tournament days. Also, you earned an upgrade to the Perks! All sets of 2D6 have now become sets of 12D6 (except the Wizard and Master Wizard who gain a Playmat instead of the upgrade. The king gets both a Playmat AND 2 sets of 12 D6!).

Next up is the $5000 Stretch Goal, which will get us an X-Box, and a Foodball Table to add to the gaming space! These fun additions will give you something to do while waiting for your friend to show up, or in between games! We’re only $495 away from it, so we could get it quite quickly!

I am now revealing the next perk after the $5000 one, and it is a major one: If we hit $7500 we will renovate part of the store and add a private game room which we will call ‘The Keep’. The Keep will not cut in to the existing gaming space, so it will give us 2 extra tables of gaming, and also give us a nice private area that can be used for RPGs, private events or birthday parties, or just a quite corner to play your matches in. I would love to hit this goal especially as it will really give us a bunch of added options. Without your support it isn’t possible however since it requires quite a bit or renovation, but I sure think it will be worth it!

I can’t thank you enough for all the support. We’re almost at the half-way point, so let’s keep it going and make this gaming space something to truly be proud of!

Goal 3 Reached

You can help us make the new Stronghold Game Lounge the best game room in town, check out our fundraiser at or contribute in the store!

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