Flames of War: The Gathering Storm

FoW Gathering Storm

We will be running a Flames of War league beginning in May.  The format allows players to play according to their own schedule!  How will you survive the Gathering Storm?

Entry Fee: FREE!

Period: Forces for this escalation league will be Late-War forces selected from Turning Tide, Earth and Steel, Red Bear or Grey Wolf. Lists from other briefing books are not permitted.

League Play: During the course of each month, each player shall play 3 games, each of which shall be against a different opponent. The first league game between two opponents shall be counted as their regular game. Points for regular games shall be as laid out in the Flames of War mini rulebook, page 275. If you have questions about calculating points contact the administrator for help.

Up to 3 additional games may be played each month against any league opponent. The second or subsequent game against any opponent is considered as an additional game, as are games played after 3 regular games have been played. Winners receive 2 points for an additional game, while losers and draws/ties receive 1 point. A game can count as a regular game for one player and an additional game for the other player.

Further League Details can be found in the Forum, and in this document, check it out and enlist today!

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