Stronghold Lounge Fundraiser Update – Stretch Goal #1 Hit!

Stronghold Game Loung 2In case you weren’t aware we are running a big fundraiser on to help us raise some money to make our new Stronghold Game Lounge amazing.  You can check it out HERE and find out how you can help out!

Our generous donors had already helped us hit our initial goal – which would make the new Stronghold Game Lounge equal the quality of our existing space (only much bigger).  So we turned to the real fun stuff – Stretch Goals that would allow us to add some amazing new improvements.  With each Stretch Goal that we meet we will add more cool stuff to the space – ultimately with the goal of unlocking some really cool stuff like a Private Gaming Area, a series of televisions, cool decorations, and even a licensed bar to allow us to run age restricted veterans nights!  So where are we at now?

Today we unlocked our first Stretch Goal!  Thanks to our generous contributors you will now get to relax in a comfortable lounge area between games.  Included in this goal was ‘Hot Drinks’ which Black Knight Games will begin to serve in the shop every day!  We will be setting up a Keurig hot drink maker and will sell a variety of the drinks for it including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even some fancy stuff like lattes!

2000 Take a Load Off U

The next Stretch Goal will be unlocked if/when we get to $3000 in total pledges (remember that we are including pledges people make in person in the store, so they will not show up on the actual indiegogo campaign).  The $3000 pledge is called Extra Points for Presentation and it will really make the space look amazing.  It will give us a second Premium Table (which will also give us a second ‘The Builder’ perk),  a really neat life-sized Medieval Town decor, and a network of Televisions throughout the space!

3000 Presentation L

Looking beyond that we now reveal the following perk, and it’s pretty sweet.  The Lunch Time! Stretch Goal will unlock food items to our menu, like frozen pizzas and pasta.  It will include a good microwave to allow customers to make themselves hot meals.  It will also include cafeteria treys which will be available to all members- and they can be used for food or for carting your army around on tournaments!  But, beyond that we will make your own perks even better too!  All sets of 2 Black Knight Games dice will become sets of 12 in a nice case!  The Wizard and Master Wizard do not get this upgrade, instead they get a limited edition Playmat!  And the King?  Well the King gets 2 sets of dice AND a playmat.  This goal will be unlocked at $4000 –  so if we are all lucky enough to reach it we all get rewarded!

4000 Lunch Time L

Thanks again to all of you that have had a look at the campaign and even considered contributing!  But remember, there are other ways to help us out too – even if you can’t contribute now.  You can like our campaign on Facebook, and Twitter, and other social media.  Tell your friends about us too.  Finally please let us know what YOU think.  We would love your advise and opinions, so let us know what would make YOU get excited about the new game room.

Together we can make the New Black Knight Games the best game room in town!


~The Black Knight


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