Stronghold Game Lounge Fundraiser

As most of you already know Black Knight Games is undergoing some major improvements, including a move to a new and bigger location.  We already have enough set aside to make the move, and make the new location work.  But – we are more ambitious than that!  We would like to turn our big new gaming area into the gaming space of your dreams.  We have all kinds of great ideas to create an amazing game room, but we can only accomplish these goals if we get some help.

So, we are starting up a fundraisng campaign on to allow you and all the other amazing and loyal members of the BKG community the chance to pitch in.

How much will we earn through this?  Who knows!  But I can tell you this: every cent we get will go directly to making the new space even better.

We have set stretch goals which are milestones we hope to hit, each on we knock down means we cram even more awesome into the space.  A lounge area, hot food and drinks, TVs, an X-Box for you to kill time on, a fooseball table, amazing wall decorations, a private gaming room, and even a licensed bar are all goals we would love to hit.  And we’ll even reward you for you help through all kinds of great perks!

So what are you waiting for?  Click the link below, check out our campaign, and make Black Knight Games even better!!!


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