New Stronghold Membership Program

As we already discussed Black Knight Games is moving. It’s a major shake up, and we are taking the opportunity to unveil several great changes and improvements – it’s ‘The New Black Knight Games.’  Our first major change is our new, improved, Stronghold Rewards!

Our Stronghold Program is changing in a big way, but don’t worry – not only will you keep all the great value from before, but we are adding some great new perks and a lot more flexibility in how you claim your rewards.  You can read about all of the details on the new Stronghold Rewards Page, but I will summarize our changes here.

The Return to Points
Rather than allotting our members a generic 5% discount like we have been doing we will be using a great reward points tracker to assign Stronghold Points to every customer for every purchase.  Members can redeem these points for great discounts (as good as, if not better than before) at the time of purchase.  Basically, once you have earned enough points the till will prompt us that you are eligible for a discount.  We’ll say “Looks like you have enough points to get $10 off your purchase today.  Would you like to use them?” and you will have the option to spend some points, or save them for later.  You can also redeem points for a variety of other things like food & drinks, event entry fees, discounted memberships/renewals, BKG brand merchandise (T-Shirts, Dice, etc.) and many other things.  This gives you a ton of flexibility to use the membership however you see fit.

Two Levels of Membership + Family Deals
We will now have two levels of Memberships: regular Stronghold Memberships, and advanced-level Red Card Memberships.  Both memberships will earn Stronghold Points, give access to the awesome new Stronghold Game Lounge, get  discounts on snacks, drinks and tournaments, and give access to our upcoming Game Share program.  And, that’s not event everything!  The Stronghold Membership will be $25 annually.  The Red Card Membership also lasts a year and costs $100.

The Red Card gives you all the perks of the regular membership.  These exclusive members earn points faster, get a big points bonus for signing up, and get a ton of points every month added to their accounts.  Red Card Members may bring a buddy with them to the Stronghold Game Lounge, get a special limited-edition Red Card Gift (different every year), and get a free Game Share each month.  Every three months we will be holding an exclusive Round Table Meeting, hosted by myself, which all Red Card Members will be invited to attend.  At these meetings we will serve snacks and drinks and will discuss upcoming events, policies, products, and anything else relevant to our members.  This will provide our most loyal and committed customers the chance to have their opinions heard and to influence things here at BKG.

Family Memberships will cost less than the cost of two memberships and will allow multiple people from the same family to use the Stronghold Lounge, get discounts on snacks and drinks, and all the other great perks.  The family would share the points and other rewards, and earn them together as well.  This new option will be available for both regular and Red Card level memberships, and is more affordable than having to buy a membership for each person.

BK CelebrationHappy Birthday!
All Stronghold Members will receive a $5.00 discount on a purchase during the month of their birthday, as a Happy Birthday from us!  Red Card Members receive $10 off a purchase as their gift.

What Happens to My Existing Membership?
If you had an active membership with us we have automatically upgraded you to the new system – no need to buy a new membership until the old one expires.  We have already gone through and thoroughly updated everything so check in with us to see when your upgraded membership expires.

New Memberships
If you are excited about this program then you can already buy a new membership, including family and Red Card versions.  Some of the great perks that come with the new memberships aren’t in effect yet, and won’t be until we open the new location with the Stronghold Game Lounge, and the Game Share program.  Any membership purchased before the move will last a full year from the day we re-open; any time before then will be a bonus.

We will be running a great fund-raising campaign shortly, and many of the perks will reward donors with memberships.  So, it may make sense for you to wait until we launch that program (in a week or two) to decide which membership you want.

We have been working on this new program for a long time, and I really think that it is going to be great for our customers.  The new memberships will allow us to maintain an amazing new gaming space, while at the same time giving our members deals and savings.  Hopefully you will find all of the new options and flexibility appealing too!  If you have any questions at all feel free to ask, or check out the Stronghold Rewards Page for further details.  We will be posting an FAQ in a few days to help answer some of the most common questions.

~The Black Knight

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