Black Knight Games is Moving!

Back in October we announced our plans to expand Black Knight Games as well as several other new programs and initiatives that we were hoping to launch.  We called it ‘The New Black Knight Games’.

A lot has changed since October, but we are finally ready to move forward with all of our grand plans.  Our original plan was to annex a portion of the basement from the next door and open a new gaming area.  That plan gradually fell apart as various construction and logistic concerns began to accumulate ultimately road-blocking the whole project.  Undeterred, and anxious to find more space to expand, we began to explore other options while still trying to make the original plan work.  After months of evaluating, negotiating, and planning we finally have our solution – and I think it’s even better than the original plan – we will be moving Black Knight Games two doors down and will occupy the majority of the former Valentino’s restaurant space.

This move will give us 75% more space upstairs (about 50% more space in total).  It will also give us a great opportunity to create a much better layout, and to learn from the six years we’ve been in business.  We plan to make good use of the clean-slate we are getting, and we have some great ideas on how to make the space even better.

The New Black Knight Games will have bigger, more comfortable bathrooms – both men’s and women’s – and they won’t be down rickety stairs!

The New Black Knight Games will have a bigger gaming space, which will allow us to run bigger events, and more events!  Gone will be the days of showing up only to find that a tournament has taken up all the space.

We plan on adding some great elements like a lounge space, televisions, premiums tables with amazing scenery, and even a bar!  We will be running an indiegogo fundraising campaign to help us make the space even better!

We will begin selling more food options, we will begin selling hot drinks, and we will begin selling BKG merchandise.

We are also going to initiate some great new programs when we move which includes:

A New Stronghold Member program: The new program will grant members access to the new  Stronghold Game Lounge.  Members will also earn points that can be spent on all sorts of great items like events, merchandise, food, and discounts.  The new program will give our members more perks, and more flexibility – rather than just getting a flat 5% discount members will be able to decide how to use their perks.  There will also be a second-tier of membership that will give our most loyal regulars even more perks – these members will be known as Red Card Members.

We will be introducing a great program for our members that will allow them to actually take board games home with them!  Game Share will give members a chance to rent the many amazing games that we have at Black Knight Games with no commitment to buying it – although if you like it the rental fee will be deducted from the purchase price!


Pre-Played and Pre-Sorted Games: Black Knight Games will begin dealing in used, and opened games.  Customers will have the option to buy games that have been used, or games that have been opened only once.  All of these games will have their contents verified  by staff and nicely sorted in bags.  This will give customers both the option to trade in old titles they no longer play, and to be able to buy copies at a small discount with the confidence that the contents are still in great shape!

Floorplan ScanCheck out our current floor-plan for all the sweet sweet goodness!

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