More Details for International Tabletop Day

When Wil Wheaton tells us to ‘Play more Games’ we say ‘Sir! Yes, Sir!’

Black Knight Games has already arranged to participate in this world-wide celebration of games (Check out the Details Here), but we just jumped right in to the frenzy the moment they announced it.  Now that there have been a few days since the announcement details are coming out about the great support Geek & Sundry/TableTop are providing the stores.  Besides the promotional posters and window clings it looks like we will be getting a pile of cool promotional games and gaming accessories to give away to everyone!  This is pretty great because it turns this event in to the equivalent of Free Comic Book Day, or Free RPG Day, for those that participate!

Check out some of the great promos and giveaways we will have available:

– Alderac Entertainment Group – Smash Up Bases (2)
– Asmodee – 7 Wonders Catan Board (2)
– Atlas Games – TableTop Gloom Expansion (2)
– Blue Orange – Sample Pack (2)
– Calliope Games – Tsuro Tiles (2)
– Fireside Games – Castle Panic Multi-Color Hero (5)
– Floppet – Guild Floppets (3)
– HL Games – Word Winders Download (5)
– Iello – Wil’s Favor (2)
– Indie Board & Card – The Resistence (1)
– Looney Labs – Star Fluxx Promotional Card (10)
– Mayfair Games – Tile Expansion (1)
– North Star Games – Promotional Cards (2)
– Playroom Entertainment – Killer Bunny Promo (2)
– Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin Bookmark (5)
– Wiggity Bang – Quao (1)
– Wizards of the Coast – D&D Buttons

Now as you can see there are a limited number of each, so we will need to decide how to divide these up.  While it is normally one kit per event it looks like we may be able to pull some strings and get some extras.

But, the point is that International Tabletop Day is even cooler than we realized!  So make sure to get yourself here at some point on March 30th to celebrate gaming on gaming’s new holiday!

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