Warmachine & Hordes: Machinations Umbra begins this week

WMH Machinations Umbra

New Warmachine and Hordes leagues always excite me.  This season is filled with secrets—tales dark and sinister.  Throughout the course of battling in this story-based league you will unlock secrets, revealed by unlocking “The Device.”  Story details can be found here.

Machinations is a yearlong adventure that focuses on the discovery of the unknown. Someone, or something, is plotting against the armies of Western Immoren as strange incidents begin to occur all across the land. Player’s will battle over the various sites where bizarre events are occurring in an attempt to discover the truth. This tale will unfold in short story fiction that accompanies each season, in the store displays and online maps that the players interact with, and even in the tabletop battles themselves.

Rules for this league are similar to previous rules.  Special league models may be used.  Games may be played throughout the week, as much as you like, but never against the same person twice in a row.  Report all matches played to the staff on site and he will update the Star map.

star map

Oh yes, the Star Map.  I should mention that.

Each game recorded is played at a specific location, which the player with fewer league points may choose.  Each of these locations have special rules and may change the game play.  Every time you win at a specific location it will score a result for your faction at that location, tracked by a global leaderboard.

Players participating in this season of the league will receive participation badges if they play at least three games.  The highest total score between games played and hobby points from painting wins a championship badge.

League games are a ton of fun.  Black Knight Games sets aside Thursday Nights for warmachine/hordes play and league games will be easiest to get involved in on those nights.  If you’re not available for Thursdays on a regular basis, cames can be played any other day, at any time the store is open while the league is running.

For any of you excited after the Journeyman league, or who want to test out armies for an upcoming tournament, or if you just want to kick back and play something silly, ongoing leagues like Umbra are the place for you!


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