Legend of the Five Rings Emperor Edition Tournament

Torn AsunderIt’s been a little while since we had an L5R tournament or event.  With the recently renewed interest from some of our local players, we thought the timing was right to invite everyone out to what promises to be a fun, semi-competitive event.

When: Saturday March 16th, 11am – 7pm

Format: Emperor Edition Constructed (Torn Asunder Release Event)  All Emperor Edition legal cards are allowed including Torn Asunder cards.  This will be a release event for Torn Asunder.  Banned and Errata list will be in effect.  To check a cards legality or errata please visit http://www.imperialassembly.com/oracle/

Entry Fee: $20, $16 for Stronghold Members.

Prizes: Store credit based on attendance, along with promo cards (Emperor Edition legal including rares).


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