D&D Encounters: Against the Cult of Chaos

D&D Encounters

The next season of Dungeons & Dragons Encounters is upon us!  This is the second season that we will be doing under the excellent management of our D&D Standard Bearer Tommy.  Last season it became so popular that we often had to split in to smaller groups, so if you are interested make sure to contact Tommy to let him know so that he can make sure there is room for everyone.

D&D Encounters is a great, officially sanctioned, dungeon-crawl adventure.  Each week players show up and the adventure continues.  Whether you are new to D&D, or a veteran of pen and paper RPGs, D&D Encounters is a great way to get some game-time in, get familiar with the system, and meet some great people.  Who knows, maybe you’ll even find some new players to start a separate RPG group.

This season is Against the Cult of Chaos.  It takes inspiration from classics such as Village of Hommlet and Against the Cult of the Reptile God. Not only does this new story feature characters and locations from beloved past adventures, but there’s another compelling reason to participate.

This season Wizards of the Coast has provided introductory rules for D&D Next, so players will be able to get a preview of the next edition too!

If you are interested you can find all sorts of ways to contact Tommy on his Standard Bearer page!

When: Wednesdays, 6pm-9pm

Beginning: February 6th

Entry Fee: Nope!

Bring: You don’t need to bring anything, but you may bring an entry-level character, a Player’s Handbook (or other essentials books), and of course RPG dice!

So grab a short sword, and join in the adventure!

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