MTG: Gatecrash Prerelease Info

Gatecrash HeaderWe’ve had a few questions about the prerelease weekend event set for January 26th – January 27th.  Here are all the details.

Entry Fee:  $30 ($25 for Stronghold Members).

What You Get:  The guild packs are very similar to the RTR ones.  They contain:

  • Gatecrash booster packs
  • 1 Guild Booster Pack
  • 1 Promo Card
  • 1 Achievement Card
  • 1 Spindown Life Counter
  • 1 Letter from the Guildmaster
  • 1 Guild Symbol Sticker

When: There are four prerelease event and you are more than welcome to play in all of them:

  • Saturday, January 26th: 9 am – 2 pm
  • Saturday, January 26th: 2 pm – 7 pm
  • Saturday, January 26th: 7 pm – Midnight
  • Sunday, January 27th: 12pm – 5 pm

Prizes:  The most exciting part about a prerelease event is getting to use the new cards in your sealed deck.  The second most exciting part is taking some of the new cards home with you!  At BKG we’re always very generous with our prize support.  You can expect no less from us this year.  While specifics are dependent on attendance, know that we’ll be giving out a ton of packs this year.

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