Hammer Bowl Season 2!

Blood Bowl 2


Hammer Bowl Season 2 is set to begin!  We are making a last call for coaches!

Registration Deadline: Sunday, January 13th

League Begins: Monday, January 21st

Entry Fee: $5 (includes a set of Hammer Bowl Dice)

Pitch Rental (If you don’t have a copy of Blood Bowl to play with): $10

Game Play: Coaches will be assigned one opponent each week, it will be up the coaches to find a time to meet up and play their game.  Some leeway will be given to allow coaches to get their games in.

Coach Packages: Once the deadline has past all coaches will be given a simple ‘Coaches Package’ with the details and league rules.

Unfortunately last season’s Commissioner Marc is unable to participate this season.  So Jay & Tim from BKG are the new co-commissioners.  This season we will be similar to last season, however we will play a 10 game regular season, followed by a playoffs.  All games must be played at Black Knight Games.  Every team’s roster must also be kept at BKG, which will allow us to easily update the league, and ensure fairness in tracking the progress of teams.

Other Fun Stuff:

-This year we will have a weekly-ish Sports Page called the Fractured Leg.  In it we will update the standings, as well as have several fun columns, and sections to keep you up on league goings-on.

-Within the Fractured Leg we will show the leading contenders for eight different trophies, which are:

The Hammer Bowl: Presented to the team that wins the championship.
The Troll Bowl: Presented to the team with the best record in the regular season.
The Platinum Whistle: Presented to the best coach (Highest team value).
The Emerald Imp: Presented to the most valuable player (Player with most Star Player Points).
The Golden Cleat: Presented to the player with the most Touchdowns.
The Bloody Spike: Presented to the player with the most casualties caused.
The Brass Ball: Presented to the player with the most completions and/or interceptions.
The Orca-Cola Award: Presented to the most sportsman-like coach (as voted by you).

-There will be a fun betting section on the Fractured Leg with a ‘Game of the Week’ that coaches may bet up to $20,000 on each week.

-Coaches may put ‘hits’ on players.  An advertisement will be made in the Fractured Leg with the bounty amount on it.  Any team that takes out the designated player will be paid the bounty from the advertiser.  So yes, you can totally put a bounty on Steve’s werewolf…I know I will…


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