A little Teaser for Saturday’s Event

X Wing Kessel Run

Slave 1, the Millennium Falcon, a couple of A Wings, and a pair of Tie Interceptors.  They’re here and ready to be awarded to some lucky winners at this weekend’s Kessel Run Tournament.

If you’re not free this weekend all of these exciting new ships for the X Wing game are coming out early next year.  We’re taking pre-orders now, so get your order in while you can.

In case you missed it, here are the details of the event again:

When: Saturday, December 22nd, 11:00am – 6:00pm

Bring: A 100 point force, including all relevant tokens, measuring devices, pilots etc.

Entry Fee: $10.00 / $8.00 for Stronghold Members

Rounds: Between 2 and 4, based on attendance then a Final.  In the Final the two players will use the new ships (Slave 1 & 2 Tie Interceptors VS. the Millenium Falcon & 2 A-Wings)

Prizes: The top ace will get to choose any of the six ships used in the final to keep, followed by the runner-ups, until the top six players all get a ship!



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