The Hobbit Battle Game – Coming Dec 1st


The Hobbit is coming to theatres this December, and I am sure that most of you, like me, are excited to see more of Peter Jackson’s Middle-Earth. Games Workshop, having been partners with the Lord of the Rings trilogy from the beginning are diving right in with The Hobbit as well. The Hobbit Battle Game will have two major releases as well as several additional miniatures.  The first is a massive hard-cover rulebook called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  The second is a starter set that includes a rules packet as well as plenty of miniatures called The Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town.  Like the 40K Dark Vengeance starter set there will be a limited ed. version that preceded the normal set, which will presumably have an extra limited edition miniature in it.  Note: the Video indicates November 24th, which was going to the the day that the White Dwarf issue is released that reveals what is in the set, this WD issue has been delayed by as much as a week due to Hurricane Sandy, the actual release date is December 1st.

Retail Price
BKG Price
Release Date
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Rulebook (288p.)
Dec 1st, 2012
The Hobbit: Escape From Goblin Town(Limited Ed.)
Dec 1st, 2012
The Hobbit: Escape From Goblin Town
When the Limited Ed. Sells Out
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Paint Set
Dec 1st, 2012

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