Blood Bowl: Dungeon Bowl All-Star Game

With Season 1 of the Hammer Bowl league for Blood Bowl wrapping up plans are already in the works for season 2, which will begin in January.  Given the massive success of the first season, and the many many players wishing to join in the fun with the next season we are anticipating a very impressive turn out.  If you are interested in registering for season 2 you may do so now in the shop.

But, what to do until then?  We wanted to fan the flame a bit, so we will be running a very fun event in December, the DungeonBowl All Star Game!  Just like any sport the fans of Blood Bowl love their players.  By now each team has a player or two that are on the verge of superstardom, and what better way to award the cheering throng than with an All Star Game?

When: December 8th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: None!

Bring: Your Blood Bowl team from this season, or if you didn’t play this year the one you plan to use next season.  Depending on attendance each participant will use 1-4 players to fill out one of the two all-star teams.  Teams will be cross-conference.  This is an all-star game so we want the best players from each team!

Results: The league officials have the best apothecaries on-hand, so no injuries will last long-term, even death.  No players earn Star Player Points either. This game will not change or endanger your players for the following season.

Fractured Leg Preview Issue

DungeonBowl: DungeonBowl is a game of Blood Bowl played deep in the labyrinth of a dungeon.  DungeonBowl has additional rules in how it plays (like teleporters, chests hiding the ball, balls bouncing off walls etc.  We will not be using everything in this rule-set, but you can read the official DungeonBowl rules here to get an idea of how it will work.

The Fractured Leg: We will be publishing a weekly Blood Bowl sports page during the upcoming season.  The Fractured Leg will keep you up to date every week on standings, stories, obituaries, betting, and even bounties.  To pre-view the upcoming season, the playoffs, and the Dungeon Bowl we have prepared a special Preview Edition, just click the link!



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