Call to Arms, One Ends Another Begins

Call to Arms: Dropzone Commander is finished!  Congratulations to the six participants that were victorious.  It was a bumpy ride with publisher shortages on inventory and a couple of postponements, but you persevered and now your armies are ready for battle!  For all of those interested in Dropzone Commander remember that we have a league beginning in five days called Retake the Cradle Worlds run by yours truly (I guess I had better finish my army, being one of the defeated in this C2A…).  It should be a great time, so come one come all!

What better way to end 2012 than with a Call to Arms for our most lasting and successful game: Warhammer 40,000? This Call to Arms army building league will give existing players and new players a great opportunity to get a new army put together. What makes Call to Arms events so great is that it is both a great deal (you get more bang for your buck), but it also adds motivation in that you don’t want to publicly fail to finish AND it’s motivation to see others succeeding. So do you have what it takes to heed our Call to Arms?  Sign up Today!

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