WMH: Foodmachine 2012

 We are renewing Foodmachine for another year, so break out your can-openers and open up ‘jacks for charity!  Foodmachine is an annual food-drive event where participants buy in with canned-goods, and can donate more canned-goods to get all sorts of great perks in-game to help them in their goal to be Foodmachine Champ!  This is the 7th year for Foodmachine, and the second year that BKG will participate.  Here are the details:

When: Sat, December 1st, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Game Size: 35pts

Entry Fee: $20.00 – Players may substitute 1 can/package of non-perishable food for $1.00 ea.

Charity Event: All money and food raised from the event will be donated to the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Cheat for Charity: One of the best parts of Foodmachine is that we not only let you cheat, we encourage it!  There is an entire list of special perks a player can get throughout the tournament as long as they keep donating more cans.  Here is the full list of cheats.

Prizes: There will be some fun prizes, coins, and give-aways to be announced later, but the majority of our efforts will be to simply raise lots and lots of food and money for a worthy charity at this important time of year.

So join us for Foodmachine 2012, it’s the most generous gaming you can do!

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