World of Warcraft TCG: Battlegrounds

Lok’tar ogar, fellow heroes of Azeroth,

Welcome to the Battlegrounds. Where you can test yourselves,  compete against rivals, and win prizes. For an entire month, you can play World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game in the Battlegrounds.

What is Battlegrounds?
Battlegrounds is a fun league style format, that is played in the store. Each person can enter the battleground with a CORE LEGAL deck, and play against other people also competing in the Battlegrounds.

What is Core?
Core is a format similar to Magic: The Gathering’s Standard format. It consists of only the latest two blocks (Currently Aftermath & Timewalkers) and the latest Raid cards (Battle of the Aspects).

How do I win?
You get three games a week. Each week, points are scored and the top two players that week win promo cards. After the entire month, and all games are played, the person who has the most points wins an awesome looking play mat. And the coolest part of all, the first 24 people get a promo card just for participating.

Whether you be Alliance, Horde, or the monster heroes of Azeroth or Outland, you are welcome to test your mettle here in the Black Knight Games Battlegrounds.

Black Knight Games will be running Battlegrounds leagues each and every month beginning with November.

Blood and Thunder!
~Erik, Death Knight of Black Knight Games

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