Pokémon Tournament

Black Knight Games will be hosting our first ever Pokémon tournament!  With the help of Chelsea, our soon-to-be Pokémon Standard Bearer, we have planned out a release tournament for the upcoming set ‘Boundaries Crossed’.

Since this is a sealed event you will create your deck from the 8 booster packs that you get.  You are encouraged to bring a supply of basic energy to add to your deck.  We will try and supply some, however since this is our first tournament we have not yet acquired a significant amount of extra basic energy cards.

There will of course be prizes for the winners, Chelsea will be supplying some promo cards as well, and you get to keep the cards that you used!

Here are the details:

Mon, Nov 12 Boundaries Crossed Release Sealed Deck $45.00/ *$40.00 3 Rounds, Sealed Release Event for the new Boundaries Crossed set. Price includes 8 Boosters .*Stronghold Members 6pm – 9pm

We have also added a tournament section to the Events Page for Pokémon.  In the future you will be able to find any and all upcoming Pokémon tournaments there.

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