Magic: Return to Ravnica League Re-Set

We did not kick this league off as well as we would have liked, and due to our own mistakes it has not been sort league that we were hoping for.  So, we will be re-setting our Ravnica Returns league, and starting over – this time with more care and attention to it.  Our apologies for those that attended already, we hope that this re-set will make the event much more successful.

The Return to Ravnica League will be a great way for players to get in some fun casual games on a weekly basis.  Each player will be able to get in 3 games per week, and play will revolve around five guilds.  There will be lanyards and badges for each guild.  Here are the details:

Start Date: Monday, November 5th
Games: Players can get in up to three games per week.  The weeks begin on Mondays, however games may be played at any time at Black Knight Games.
Format: Sealed Deck – At the beginning each player will get 6 Return to Ravnica boosters to build their decks, as well as a special deck-box.  Each week players will have the opportunity to buy another booster to add to their deck for $3.99.
Entry Fee: $30.00 ($25.00 for Stronghold Members)
Prizes: There will be prizes based on attendance to the players that played the most, and won the most games.

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