The New Black Knight Games

These are exciting times at Black Knight Games, as we have several major improvements and programs that we are working on to make your BKG experience even better!  Rather than just unveiling all of these improvements one by one we decided that it made sense to launch them all together in one major announcement.  Over the next few months we will go into even more detail on each of these great new improvements, but for now let me present the exciting projects that we are working on as part of The New Black Knight Games:

The Stronghold Game Lounge

Over the next several months we will be working on a brand new gaming space that will more than double the amount of gaming that we can do at Black Knight Games.  The Stronghold Game Lounge will be an expansion in the basement that will be nearly as large as the entire upstairs of the store.  At the moment it is a simple and dingy basement space, but we will turn it in to an incredible, clean, and bright gaming area that any gamer will love to spend time in.  When not being used to increase the number and size of our events and tournaments, the space will be open exclusively to Stronghold Members.

This is by far the biggest project we have undertaken since opening our doors over five years ago.  There are many ideas to be discussed and planned out as we hope to make this space more than just a set of tables and chairs; we want to create an exciting place for you to spend your time.

There is a forum discussion about this HERE, join in and voice your opinions!

BKG Community Funding Project

We have enough funding together to make this new gaming area happen.  It’s going to exist.  However we would really love to make The Stronghold Game Lounge something really special.  To help add to the awesome we will be running an indiegogo crowd-funding campaign where all funds raised will go to making the space amazing.  We would love to add things like a lounge area, great art to add to the atmosphere, fun entertainments like a video-game console, or a foosball table.  We would very much like to have some beautiful premium tables with amazing terrain.  We want to add food and drink options to include more than just chips and pop, but also simple meals and hot drinks like coffee or tea.

And, here is the piece-de-resistance: we want to open up this new space to be a licensed bar, allowing our gamers to have a beer with their Warhammer, and allowing us to run events like Drinking and Drafting (A Note to all responsible parents: If we achieve this objective alcohol would only be served at clear and designated times, by properly trained staff.  These times would be for those of age only).

So to help us get from ‘Room with tables and chairs’ to ‘incredible gaming area of your dreams’ we will need your help.  In our campaign we will reward donors with great perks based on how much was donated.  Donors will receive cool rewards and exclusive swag like Stronghold Memberships, T-Shirts, Playmats, Dice, and other even more impressive prizes like free tournaments for a year!  Every donor will also find their name on the Wall of Heroes in the new game lounge so everyone will know they helped found (and fund) the new area.  Keep your eyes peeled for more info once we launch our campaign.

Updated Stronghold Membership Program

It has been almost four years since we last changed how our Stronghold Membership program works.  Since then we have had many great ideas on ways to improve the program and make your shopping at BKG even more rewarding.  A new Stronghold Member program will be unveiled soon, and it will include several major changes:

  • There will now be additional levels to the Stronghold Membership, allowing our most loyal and committed gamers even more rewards.
  • Members will get even more benefits, including access to the new Stronghold Game Lounge as well as other perks.
  • Members will get reward options.  Discounts are still available, but other options like Free Entry in to a Tournament, Free Snacks, or Free T-Shirts will be available as well.

Please note that anyone with an existing membership will automatically transfer over to the new improved system, and any existing store credit will be maintained as well.  We will do our best to make sure that the transfer to the new program does not hinder you in any way.

GameShare Program

We will be presenting a new program to our customers called GameShare.  GameShare will allow you to pick games off of the wall, open them up and play with them.  Or, better yet, take them home and play!  Yes, you will be able to turn Black Knight Games in to your own personal gaming library.  GameShare will allow you to try out the many titles carried by Black Knight Games, and make informed decisions to help you buy the right game for you.

More information will be coming soon, but one thing is for certain: GameShare will make buying board-games easier!

Pre-Played & Pre-Sorted Board Games

To go along with the new GameShare program Black Knight Games will begin trading for and selling pre-played board games.  We will have three classifications of board games in the store, and it will be clearly marked which one is which.  New games will be games that have never been opened.  Pre-Sorted games have been opened, but have been only lightly used, they will be well-sorted in to baggies, and double-checked to ensure all of the contents are there and in great condition.  They will then be sealed in shrink-wrap and marked with a Pre-Sorted sticker.  Pre-Played games have been played more than once or twice, but will be sorted and have contents confirmed before being shrink-wrapped and marked with a Pre-Played sticker.  Pre-Played games will be discounted.

This new program will also allow you to trade in games, in exchange for store credit!  We will verify the contents, sort it, and mark it as Pre-Played.  And, you can spend the credit on  a new game!


We are very excited to be bringing you so many great new projects, and we hope that you are excited by them too!  Please check back regularly to see how we are progressing, and certainly leave us some feedback.  We will be starting a series of topics on the community forum to allow you to give us your ideas and feedback, so be sure to participate!

~The Black Knight

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