Magic: Return to Ravnica Game Day

Our Game Day events haven’t been nearly as successful as our Pre-Releases this past year, and we aim to fix this.  In the past we had charge much more thinking that this would make for a more impressive event and prize pool.  After talking with our MTG community most people believe that the price is too high, so this time we have dropped it to only $5.00!  Hopefully this, combined with the special edition cards, will result in a much larger turn-out, which in turn will make for a nice prize pool.  However we are not above bribery, so we will also be drawing for some random prizes on Game day, and the prizes are based on attendance.  Here are the details:

Sat, Oct 27 Return to Ravnica Game Day Standard $5.00/
DCI Sanctioned, Game Day Event, Includes a limited edition promo Card, Random Draws based on attendance *Stronghold Members 12:00 – 5:00

Game Day Random Draws
Attendance of 8-16 players: 4 Random winners get Booster Packs
Attendance of 16-24 players: Same as 8-16plyrs + a random winner get an Event Deck
Attendance of 25-32 players: Same as 16-24plyrs + 4 more random Booster Packs

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