Warmachine Event: Mangled Metal & Tooth and Claw


We will be running a special Mega-Battle event for Warmachine & Hordes.  Mangled Metal & Tooth and Claw Free For All will be a multi-player mega battle.  Players will each bring a 10 point army, using the Mangled Metal (Warmachine) or Tooth and Claw (Hordes) guidelines.  Basically you can only bring ‘Jacks and Beasts!  Every player will play in the same game, trying to take out each other’s warcasters and warlocks.  Here are the details:

When: Sunday, Oct 21st, 12:00pm-5:00pm

Entry Fee: Free!

Bring: Legal 10 point army for Warmachine (following the Mangled Metals rules) or Hordes (following the Tooth & Claw Rules).

Knights of the Realm: This event will count towards the Warmachine & Hordes Knights of the Realm Season!

So grab some beasts or jacks, and get on to the field of battle to prove your ‘caster’s dominance!

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