D&D Encounters is Back!

We ran Dungeons & Dragons Encounters over a year ago at Black Knight Games, and while it was a popular weekly event, we couldn’t find DMs to keep it going.  Now that has changed, because we have Tom S as our new Dungeons & Dragons Standard Bearer!

To start things off Tom will be running D&D Encounters, and as things progress he hopes to move in to Lair Assault and other possible events.  Dungeons & Dragons Encounters is a great event, because it allows new players and old to jump into an evening of gaming with no commitments.  Normally to do RPGs properly you need to have a stable group of players playing each week.  With Encounters you can jump in at any time.  Don’t know the game?  No problem!  Tom is an experienced DM and is happy to teach you.

Encounters is a great event type to allow beginners to learn, and it gives experienced players the opportunity to find other players, or just another excuse to game!

When: Wednesday Evenings, beginning October 24th, and ending November 28th.  This season is ‘War of Everlasting Darkness’, once this season is over we will begin another as long as there continues to be interest!

Entry Fee: Free!

Bring: You don’t NEED to bring anything, however it is advised that you bring some Roleplaying Dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20).  If you have a beginning level character made you can bring that as well, however Tom can provide you a start-up character, or help you make your own!

As a Standard Bearer Tom is committed to helping grow the D&D community, and to get some solid groups going.  If you have any questions about the game, or would like to meet up with Tom to learn you can contact him through his Standard Bearer  age!

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