Dystopian Wars League: Arctic Siege

Tom, our Standard Bearer for Dystopian Wars is planning another campaign, and you can join!  Arctic Siege will begin in October, and run each Tuesday throughout the month.

A Dystopian Wars Campaign of conquest and grand exploration!

International waters boil as the Russian Coalition sends expeditionary fleets into the Arctic to claim a natural treasure greater than any Nation could have ever imagined. With powerful fusion generators of impractical size they tear away at the ice shield in vast swathes leaving canyons of ice miles in height.

What they seek no one is certain, but old Commodores tell cautionary tales of what could be so dangerous that the sea would freeze its secrets away for none to see, until now. Rumours sparked abound of what potential dangers could be faced if the Russians were to seize this untold (and unknown) power for themselves, and of course none wishing to be left behind or seen as poor sport in the wake of great discovery, soon fleets of all nations were sent into the frigid international waters to stake claim to whatever mysteries the pole had to offer.

Lay your claim to the Arctic waters in search of the great unknown in this Dystopian Wars Campaign spanning 5 exciting weeks of gaming and Arctic Conquest.

When: Tuesdays, beginning October 2nd.  Finale is Tue, October 30th.

Entry Fee: Nope!

Bring: Your Dystopian Wars force

Come and fight for your Nation’s stake in conquest and glory amidst the ARCTIC SEIGE!

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