Hammer Bowl: The BKG Blood Bowl League

Well sports fans, the unimaginable has just happened, blood bowl is back, and badder than ever. From broken legs, to gouged eyes, handoffs, and hail marys, Blood Bowl is blitzing into Black Knight Games. The living Rulebook has been updated and can be found online, introducing new teams, new penalties, and a faster paced game. Blood Bowl is that game of football that everyone wanted to play, from scoring touchdowns to putting on a pair of brass knuckles and lining up the perfect hit.Black Knight Games would like to introduce, Hammer Bowl. A tournament to take place starting late September, with teams from across the warhammer world. Each week will see members of the league pitted off against one another to progress their team, and became the true champions of Hammer Bowl.How does it all work you ask? You need to have a Blood bowl team that is ready to go, and an understanding of the current rules, called the blood bowl competition rules… not to sure about what you’re doing though? Email Marc, and he’ll be more than happy to set up a time to teach you a thing or too about a good bashing and some scoring.

When:  TBD, sign up now and once we have a good number of players we will announce the beginning of the season!

Entry Fee:  None!

League Divisions & Games:  Depending on how many players are in the league their could be 1 or 2 or if really need be 3 divisions, with each division having 8 players in it. As the season numbers get underway, I’ll publish a list, and a “playoff schedule” seeing who will be crowned victorious. (1vs8, 2vs7 etc) You will play against different players each week (predetermined), on times that work for both of you. Each game both players will report back to me and I’ll make sure to keep note of scores, money made, and any advancements made by players… or injuries (boo, hiss), and report them each Sunday in the forums with WEEKLY updates.

How to Join: All you need to do is sign up, I’d like to stick to 16 teams or less, but the more the merrier. You can email me, or PM me on the forums and I’ll put you on the roster.

What You Need: You need to have your own blood bowl team worth 1,000,000 gold to start the season, and you need to have a good idea of the rules (free online).  You will need to have your roster into me before the start date, and if you could email me a picture of your team as well, that’d be amazing. I’ll make team profiles, and you can add updates to them as we go. If you’ve got these things you are more than welcome to join!

Missed Games: What if I can’t make a game for the week? Unfortunately, just like in real life, if you can’t make a game you forfiet the game. But all is not lost! The game will be a forfeit with a score of 3 – 1. Meaning you will get to decide who scored your touch downs for each team (only a possible 2 touchdowns per player) and you’ll get to roll for money (both teams, will be rolled for by the league administrator, and a penalty of 25% will happen for the forfieting team). This means both teams have a chance to advance their players and teams, but neither are held behind the rest of the league.

Blood Bowl Standard Bearer

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