Warmachine League: Dark Secrets at Black Knight Games

You’ve heard the stories.  Battles have been fought in the Thornwood before, but never like this.  Beginning on September 13th, Cygnar will stand beside Khador, friend beside foe in unlikely alliances against the impending darkness.  Who will be victorious?

The final season of War-Torn Alliances puts players deep underground in a series of caves that run under the Thornwood.  Battles here will be claustrophobic and rife with hazards. Who knows what secrets lurk in the darkness? Perhaps you will find yourself stumbling through the shadows, battling by an underground lake, or choking on the ashes of a smoldering forest.  Fight tooth and claw for survival, or fall and fade into obscurity…

When: Thursday, September 13th starting at 6pm.  The league will throughout the following weeks with an event night each Thursday.

Entry Fee: Free!  This is the best way to learn more about Warmachine, play a ton of games, or just showcase your favorite army.

Bring: Your Warmachine or Hordes army and a friendly attitude.

How it Works: This season of the War Torn Alliance league is going to use a few different rules based on feedback from our players (see, we listen!).

  • We will be using Map Regions with special rules (listed under the map section here).  After each game players will get to report the game they played as well as the location.  As these locations have special rules, players will need to pick randomly on non-Thursday night games.
  • The first five games a player plays each week earn him league points, and these determine a player’s standings on the scoreboard. Players can continue playing games after reaching their maximum for the week, but additional games will not earn league points.
  • All scored games must be played with an agreed upon scenario.

Prizes: Players can earn up to three of four possible badges.  All players participating may earn a participation badge.  Players may also earn badges for:

  • Hobby – By modeling and painting a piece of cave terrain for the store.  This must be a legal piece of Warmachine terrain, so let your hobby skills shine!
  • Combat – By playing games in three different regions (this is an upgrade from the participation badge).
  • Alliance – By playing a team game with the faction you are allied with using a league model available to your faction.

Knights of the Realm: This season of the War-Torn Alliance league counts toward the Warmachine & Hordes Knights of the Realm season, giving players a possible ten points towards it.

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